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QScheme is distributed under the GNU General Public Licence


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The brand new QScheme version 0.5.1 is available. Look at news for more informations or jump to the download section.

 What is QScheme

QScheme is a fast and small implementation of Scheme written in C. QScheme is easy to interface and should be easy to use as an extension language.

QScheme currently supports foreign function call and dynamic library. A perl like regular expression module is provided as example.

QScheme is really fast: benchmarks (still a little old) shows that it is generaly between 2 and 70 times faster than other scheme interpreters.

Last but not least, QScheme now integrates GTk / libglade bindings (still a little experimental).

QScheme is currently under heavy developpment. You can follow in real-time what does the programmer by reading the CHANGES file.

 Help wanted!!!

I need help to adapt the FFCALL library for the PPC. The code is almost already here, just it needs to be adapted and tested for the PPC processor.

If you have a Linux on PPC and have some time to spend, please contact me dan@sof.ch.

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